Wentbridge House Wedding Photography – Joanne and Paul

February 11, 2014

After a relaxed morning capturing the low February sun and Joanne’s preparations at Wentbridge House, I arrived at the church in Ackworth. As I stepped out of the car I saw Paul, the Groom, jogging away from the church!

This was a first! Paul later confessed that he was only responsible for the arrival of two things to the church. He was there, but item two, the order of services were still at home.

Paul was soon back and ready for the arrival of his bride and from there on in, the wedding and celebrations back at Wentbridge were a great success.

I love the first wedding of the year! Here are some highlights.

Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-34 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-33 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-32 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-31 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-30 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-29 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-28 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-27 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-26 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-25 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-24 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-23 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-22 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-21 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-20 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-19 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-18 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-17 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-16 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-15 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-14 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-13 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-12 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-11 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-10 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-9 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-8 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-7 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-6 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-5 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-4 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-3 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-2 Wentbridge-House-Wedding-Photography-1

Wedding Etiquette 1950′s Style

February 4, 2014

At my family church back home in Ilkeston is ‘Carol’s cupboard,’ a bring and buy charitable retail operation that has been the repository of many an unwanted item for some time.

Occasionally it also throws up something worth purchasing and a few years ago, as my sister was preparing to get married, my dad spotted an old book, published in 1958 titled: “Wedding Etiquette, How to Arrange a Wedding.”


“Despite the Cynics who liken the married state to a beleaguered city where those outside are trying to get in, and those inside are trying to get out, marriage is an institution which, it must be admitted has stood the test of time, and will continue to rank with birth and death as one of the most important events in human destiny, until life itself becomes extinct upon our planet.”

It was a great source of amusement, advice and, for my dad in his role as father of the bride, speech content, as we prepared for my sister’s wedding. As Rache and I prepared for our wedding last August I find myself returning to it in search of some timeless wedding advice.


“A Marriage has been arranged. With the publication of these familiar words, in the columns of the daily papers, begins a whirl of planning, preparation and excitement in the home of the prospective bride.”

“Besides providing the new home and all its contents, it is the bridegroom’s privilege to buy the wedding ring as well as his own present to the bride, and her bouquet, pay for the license, all church fees and floral or wedding gifts for the bridesmaids and pages, as well as provide cars for himself and his best man to and from the church, and also for that in which he and his bride drive off from the reception.”

It is easy to read through the book, noting how much has changed in the fifty-odd years since its publication. Nevertheless, there is plenty within its pages which continues to ring true to this day.




Joanne and Paul – Portraits

January 10, 2014

2014 kicks off with the wedding of Joanne and Paul next month. I joined them on a damp Saturday afternoon at Yorkshire Sculpture Park to catch up and capture some pre-wedding portraits.

Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography10 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography8 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography9 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography11 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography3 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography4 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography7 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography5 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography6 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography1 Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography2

Pre-wedding Portrait favourites

January 8, 2014

The start of the year is always a particularly busy time of catching up with couples to shoot their pre-wedding portraits ahead of their weddings. The shoot gives us an opportunity to talk through plans in a little more detail and also get to know each other a bit better ahead of the wedding day.

Sometimes it’s a stroll in a park or perhaps a wander around the city and for me, the more unusual the better! Here are ┬ásome of my favourite pre-wedding images.



Yorkshire-Sculpture-Park-Wedding-Photography7 2013-07-25_002 2013-07-02_006 2013-07-02_007 2013-06-22_002 2013-05-30_004 2013-02-10_004 2013-05-18_007 2013-03-03_006 2013-03-03_008 2013-02-27_006 Ciara Brimham Rocks wedding photography Helen and Mike

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