Leeds Town Hall Wedding – Jo and Iain

June 24, 2014

Jo and Iain’s wedding took us from Swilington to Leeds then back out to Fairburn. Luckily for their guests and I, they’d arranged transport for the entire day in the form of their very cool double decker Routemaster bus. I knew music was going to be a big part of Jo and Iain’s day and I wasn’t disappointed, with live music being followed by a DJ accompanied by live percussion. The styling for the event was done by the excellent Rachel Chippendale at Simply Vintage Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography1 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography2 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography3 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography4 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography5 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography6 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography7 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography8 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography9 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography10 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography11 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography12 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography13 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography14 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography15 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography16 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography17 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography18 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography19 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography20 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography21 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography22 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography23 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography24 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography25 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography26 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography27 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography28 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography29 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography30 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography31 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography32 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography33 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography34 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography35 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography36 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography37 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography38 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography39 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography40

The Father of the Bride

June 24, 2014

I see my job at a wedding as telling the story of the day through my photography. Of course, like any great story, there are plots and sub-plots, stars and a supporting cast. This is the story of a very proud Father of the Bride.

Storing Your Wedding Dress

June 5, 2014

Rache’s mum, Sheila, recently came over to visit from the Isle of Man. Rache is originally from the island and, as many of you will know, we returned last August for our wedding. As well as a tin of her excellent, gooey, fruit flapjack, Sheila brought over Rache’s wedding dress!

It has spent the last few weeks hung up on a door frame in the house as we try to decide how best to store it. Of course, this is a delicate operation and so I decided to get some professional help. I got in touch with Alison, from Alison Jane Bridal in Mirfield and her tips were fantastic! So good that I asked if she would mind if I shared them here on the blog. Over to Alison…

Your wedding dress made you feel amazing on your wedding day right? Maybe there is a possibility of passing it down to your daughter or another family member in the future? So preserving your wedding dress is the best way to maintain it’s colour, fabric, shape and keep it safe for the future.

To keep your dress in the best possible condition then it must be:

  • Cleaned
  • Wrapped
  • Boxed
  • Stored

It’s as simple as that! If you are unsure about exactly what is involved then read on.


After your big day you may forget about your dress until you get it back out to reminisce.
After the wedding remember to take your dress to be dry cleaned as soon as you can. Taking your dress as early as possible catches any stains before they set in to the fabric. Make sure you find somewhere that handles wedding dresses, as they are not like regular items of clothing. The delicate beads and details can get damaged if not handled correctly when dry cleaning.

Some stains may not be visible until later and having the dress dry cleaned will ensure it can be stored away in the best possible condition. Invisible stains from drinks like lemonade & white wine can appear later and cause a browning and we all know how bacteria can multiply!



Lay out the wedding dress ready to be folded neatly in to the storage box.
Use tissue to wrap and layer between each fold of the dress. This will cushion the folds and creases and keep the dress wrapped safely. Be careful which tissue you choose!

Don’t just wrap your wedding dress in any tissue paper.

  • If the tissue is coloured then the dyes in the tissue can bleed out over time & transfer on to your dress causing a stain. The pretty dotty tissue may look fab but not for storing your wedding dress.
  • Many regular types of wrapping tissues contain acid in the fibers and therefor are not suitable for long-term storage either. Double check the tissue is acid free.

Don’t use a plastic dress cover for long-term storage.

  • Plastic can’t handle the humidity
  • Plastic wont protect the dress from light
  • Plastic isn’t breathable



So what kind of box are you going to use? A pretty one with ribbons & lace to match your dress, a patterned vintage style or a strong sturdy one?

Don’t use an everyday cardboard box.

  • It may contain acid in the cardboard. Over a long period of time this can cause discolouring to the fabric of the gown
  • The box may not be built to be durable enough. Imaging the worst-case scenario of a flood or accident.

Don’t store your dress in a regular wooden box or draw.

  • Wood contains natural acids which can have an effect on natural fibres in your wedding dress and cause the discolouring as mentioned above

Why cant I Keep my dress hanging?

  • Generally wedding dresses are heavy garments and with the weight pulling down on the seams and straps this can cause the dress to pull & distort over long periods of time. (Short term weeks/months is fine)



Keep your dress from the elements such as heat, light and damp.

Store the dress in a warm dry spare room, which has no history of insects, instead of an attic.

Once packed away, check on the dress every 6–12 months to ensure nothing untoward has happened, and repack e.g. once a year to help prevent creases becoming too permanent.

Check out these guys for some ideas and storage boxes:



Jon and Richard Portraits

June 3, 2014

Here are a few highlights from Jon and Richard’s recent portrait shoot. They get married on August 10th this year, a date I won’t forget in a hurry as it is our own wedding anniversary!

Sheffield-Wedding-Photography3 Sheffield-Wedding-Photography4 Sheffield-Wedding-Photography5 Sheffield-Wedding-Photography6 Sheffield-Wedding-Photography7 Sheffield-Wedding-Photography8 Sheffield-Wedding-Photography9

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