Siobhan and Ian Portraits

August 1, 2014

As villages go, East Keswick is pretty small but that didn’t stop Siobhan, Ian and myself discovering some great locations on their recent pre-wedding shoot. I’m looking forward to returning in September for their wedding day.

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Kirkstall Abbey Portraits – Jess and Sam

July 21, 2014

The saying goes that it’s often easier to get forgiveness than permission. That is the dilemma that Jess, Sam and myself are currently wrestling with as we prepare for their wedding day in Leeds next month. As we started this debate over email today, I remembered a fun afternoon spent shooting their pre-wedding portraits at Kirkstall Abbey.

I can’t say any more about our scheming, for fear of incriminating myself or the happy couple, but I can share some of the highlights from their shoot.

Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-1 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-2 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-3 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-4 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-5 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-6 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-7 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-8 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-9 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-10 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-11 Kirkstall-Abbey-Wedding-Photography-12

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