York Maze Wedding Photography! Who knew such a wonderful wedding venue existed alongside a huge adventure playground and one of York’s favourite seasonal attractions.

The maze itself is still growing and while it does, York Maze opens its doors to couples who want to celebrate their wedding in style at the venues converted barns.

The whole day had a really relaxed feel and Jenny and Ben did a fantastic job decorating the venue, subtly bringing in a dinosaur theme.

York Maze wedding photography is a breeze thanks to the fantastic range of locations across the site that provided lots of inspiration. It took me a little while to understand that Ben wanted photos on the pillow rather than some random pillar but once I saw the inflatable fun times were had by all bouncers!

Jenny and Ben wanted a relaxed day surrounded by friends and family and that’s just what they got. As the sun shone, they pushed backed the main meal while enjoying the canapés and the fantastic weather. Later in the night the barn was filled with live music and dancing as the sun set over the site.

If you are interested in York Maze wedding photography then you should know that the venue is only available for weddings for a short period each year, before throwing open its doors for the main attraction over the summer but if you are looking for a venue in the area I’d highly recommend you check it out.

One of my new favourite places to shoot is Northumberland. I have three weddings booked here in 2017, Wood Hill Hall Wedding Photography for Rebecca and Tom. We decided to make a weekend of it as the venue is a little further afield. So I headed up the A1 with Rache and Issy in tow. This gave us the chance to take in the beautiful scenery before the big day.

For Rebecca and Tom, there long search for the perfect wedding venue quickly came to an end at Wood Hill Hall. The intimate spaces and beautiful views across the surrounding fields, made it a wonderful location for their day. The quirky decor in the accommodation and variety of spaces on offer meant I had lots to explore as a wedding photographer.

I originally met Rebecca and Tom in York and we explored Holmfirth for their pre-wedding shoot, which isn’t far from where Tom originally grew up. The shoot gave us the opportunity to chat some more about their big day and also put them at ease. This meant that we could all enjoy a relaxed wedding day, confident that we’d be able to capture some great shots together. Here are some of my favourite images from Rebecca and Tom’s day.

Wood Hill Hall Wedding Photography

Are you thinking of getting married in Northumberland? Perhaps you have also fallen in love with Otterburn and you are considering it for your big day? I’d love to talk to you about your Wood Hill Hall Wedding Photography.

At Alnwick Treehouse wedding photography was an absolute delight to shoot with so many cool backdrops and locations to play with but the day started bright and early with something a little bit different.

Alnwick Treehouse Wedding Photography-27

On the morning of my wedding I invited friends and family to join me for a gentle 5km run across Douglas sea front. It really doesn’t take us men long to get ourselves ready and with time to spare why not do something to get the blood pumping and blow off any cobwebs from the night before. So when Richard mentioned he was going for a swim on the morning of his wedding to Rachael, it made perfect sense to me, until he told me the location. No heated hotel pool, Richard was heading to the beach to take a dip in the North Sea, and he managed to drag some of his mates and some fellow open water swimming enthusiasts with him! I look forward to returning their again in the future.

Sand dislodged from shoes and hands reheated, I then headed back to the hotel to check in on Rachael and her bridesmaids preparations before we all headed over to Alnwick treehouse for the ceremony and reception.

It was a fantastic way to kick off 2017!

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After the wedding Rachel and Richard left Alnwick to head to Scotland, with their family pooches in tow, ready for a quiet few days on the coast.

To discuss your Alnwick Treehouse Wedding Photography, get in touch to check availability and find out more.  Although based in Yorkshire I love to shoot wedding photography right around the UK and beyond. Last year destinations included Cyprus, the Isle of Man, London and Manchester. Alnwick Treehouse is one of two Northumberland weddings I’ll be shooting in 2017 and I’m definitely sold on this picturesque part of the country.

It’s fair to say that most years of wedding photography pass by in a blur, but 2016 was a special case! With just one wedding in the bag, February 3rd saw the arrival of Isobel May Dolby and the next thing I knew it was 2017! Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but the last year has certainly flown by and has been filled with many (almost) sleepless nights but more importantly extremely happy times!

Becoming a father has also had an impact on my photography, leading me to see parents and their relationships with their children in a new light. I’ve always loved having a job that provides me with such a regular reminder of the joy of my own wedding day and the importance of and strength I draw from my marriage to Rache. Now that stretches to my role as a father and thoughts of one day walking Isobel down the aisle or joining her on the dancefloor. We’re already in practice with regular spins around the living room.

Looking ahead to 2017, which for me starts this weekend with Rachael and Richard’s wedding up in Northumberland I’m really excited to be travelling around the country to join some amazing couples. Equally I’m looking forward to another whirlwind of a year with our little family.

I’d love to know what you think of the images I’ve picked out. Do you have a favourite? Please feel free to comment and share below.

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