Secret Arts Bettakultcha – 20 Portraits in 5 Minutes

August 26, 2015

Bettakultcha is an evening of presentation with three simple rules:

  • 20 Slides
  • 15 Seconds each slide
  • NO Sales pitches

I’ve spoken at and attended a number of these events and they are always good fun and I’ve often wondered if it would be possible to create my slides live on stage.

When Richard and Ivor put a call out for presenters for a special arts themed evening, I pulled the final pieces of the technical jigsaw together and went for it! Here is the result:


Ballaugh Sunset

August 20, 2015

Five weddings in nine days, shot at the start of August, is a personal record for me. It felt amazing, intense, energising and exhausting all at once!

It was great to be busy doing, without doubt, the best part of the job but I welcomed the opportunity to take a break and recharge. Luckily for Rache and I, a small gap in the summer calendar coincided with our second wedding anniversary. It provided a chance to celebrate and spend some time together and with our families; mine in Derbyshire and Rache’s over on the Isle of Man.

It was during our trip to the island that we got to visit one of our favourite places in the world, and watch the sun set over the Irish Sea. Ballaugh is where Rache and I shared our first date on the Isle of Man. We also had our pre-wedding photoshoot there and returned after our wedding while staying nearby, at Rache’s Aunty and Uncle’s beautiful converted barn, at the start of our honeymoon.

After Fish and Chips in Peel, we were guided by Rache’s Uncle John, to a cliff top to watch the sun go down.

20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-65 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-66 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-67 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-71 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-72 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-73
20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-75 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-76 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-82 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-8320150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-74 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-84 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-86 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-87 20150817-Mark and Rache-Summer 2015-88

These images were shot with the Fuji XT10 with the 35mm f1.4 and 18mm f2 lenses.

ballaugh sunset

Newton Grange Wedding Photography – Maria and Dave

August 12, 2015

As Maria and Dave settled down for their wedding breakfast I headed back up to the house at Newton Grange and manoeuvred a deck chair in to the sunshine. After backing up the files from the day so far and grabbing a quick cup of tea in a beautiful vintage tea cup I sat back for a quick break. It was an amazing location to take a quick breather and had provided an amazing back drop for Maria and David’s post ceremony garden party featuring pimms, tea and some beautiful acoustic music. 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-427

The sun had been shining all morning over Newton Grange, as Maria and Dave got ready in the cottages before heading down the farm track to the beautiful barn for their ceremony.

While I was enjoying the glorious weather, the guys from House of Chords (I love House of Cards and I love a good pun even more) arrived ready to set up for the evenings entertainment. Before I knew it speeches were captured, I’d shot images with David & Maria as the sun was setting and the band were in full swing, keeping the dancefloor rocking all night.

Here are some of my favourite images.

20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-3520150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-47 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-68 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-7220150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-44 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-93 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-98 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-103 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-108 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-134 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-137 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-147 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-16020150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-15620150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-168 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-170 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-172 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-176 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-183 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-200 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-204 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-231 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-233 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-236 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-278 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-282 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-300 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-304 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-33520150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-359 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-365 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-367 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-385 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-388 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-398 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-41120150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-436 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-44020150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-448 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-459 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-462 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-465 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-467 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-470 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-474 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-476 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-479 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-481 20150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-48620150627-David and Maria-Wedding Photography-445

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Priory Cottages Wetherby Wedding Photography – Kerry and Liam

August 6, 2015

Priory Cottages Wetherby has been on my wedding photography bucket list for some time and after booking me what feels like ages ago, I was really excited to join Kerry and Liam there for their wedding back in June. Here are some of my favourite images from a great day at a venue I look forward to returning to soon.

20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-300

20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-24 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-30 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-59 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-68 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-73 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-82 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-97 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-135 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-143 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-146
20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-151 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-159 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-165 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-223 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-251 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-262 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-274 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-279 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-287 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-292 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-303 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-344 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-345 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-347 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-353 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-366 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-374 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-390 20150620-Kerry and Liam-Wedding Photography-425

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