Hannah & Tom Portraits

April 16, 2015

I recently wrote an article for Your Perfect Wedding Photographer about how to get the best from your pre-wedding shoot and one of my tips was all about the time of day. Today’s shoot is a great example of capturing that beautiful sun that comes at the end of a spring day. I headed to Temple Newsam to meet up with Hannah & Tom as the sun was setting over Leeds.

2015-04-16_001 2015-04-16_002 2015-04-16_003 2015-04-20_003
2015-04-16_005 2015-04-16_006

Saltaire Wedding Photographer – Jennifer and Nathan Portraits

April 2, 2015

Easter is almost upon us and before I escape in to a chocolate fuelled coma for a few days I wanted to share one of my recent pre-wedding sessions. When Nathan mentioned that he and Jennifer were all out of idea for where to go for their shoot I suggested Saltaire.

As you head out of Bradford towards the countryside, Saltaire is where things start to get really beautiful. A little further on is where Rache and I have set up home and beyond that are the dales including much of the picturesque landscape on show¬†during last year’s Grand Depart.

I’ve taken many snapshots when walking around Saltaire and so it was fantastic to finally use it as a backdrop for one of my shoots.

Now where did Rache hide those eggs?..
2015-03-24_001 2015-03-24_002 2015-03-24_003 2015-03-24_004 2015-03-24_005 2015-03-24_006

Oulton Hall Wedding Photographer – Hannah and Richard

March 16, 2015

I’ve been at Oulton Hall as a wedding photographer a number of times and even stayed there as a guest. I’m always impressed! Despite shooting there before I always see new things to explore and try and Hannah and Richard’s wedding was no exception.

The day started with the gents over in the golf course clubhouse before heading back to the main hotel to catch up with the ladies during their final preparations. The large windows flood the ceremony room with light and the suite looked equally stunning for the reception thanks to Hannah and Richard’s (but probably mostly Hannah’s) subtle decorative touches.

First, if you’ve got a few minutes, turn on your speakers and enjoy a slideshow of my favourite images. Or just scroll down to see the story of the day.

Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-1 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-2 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-3 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-4 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-5 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-6 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-7 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-8 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-9 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-10 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-11 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-12 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-13 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-14 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-15 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-16 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-17 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-18 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-19 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-20 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-21 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-22 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-23 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-24 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-25 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-26 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-27 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-28 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-29 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-30 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-31 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-32 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-33 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-34 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-35 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-36 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-37 Oulton-Hall-Leeds-Wedding Photographer-38

Alice and Chris Portraits

February 23, 2015

The early part of the year is usually a time to be bang up to date with the blog, before the spring and summer wedding season kicks in. Unfortunately, it’s been a crazy few weeks of weddings, wedding fairs and perhaps most distributively the fitting of a new kitchen.

Losing use of the culinary heart of the home has left Rache and I feeling like we are camping out in our own living room, albeit with a microwave in place of the camping stove!

Tomorrow I’ll be escaping the mayhem to head down to London for a two day photography workshop taught by four¬†of the best wedding photographers in the country. Before heading south though, I thought I’d make a start on catching up with the blog posts by sharing Alice and Chris’s portraits, from a few weeks ago, at Ripley Castle. I’m hoping to be back in the kitchen on my return!

2015-02-06_001 2015-02-06_002 2015-02-06_003 2015-02-06_004 2015-02-06_005 2015-02-06_006 2015-02-06_007 2015-02-06_008 2015-02-06_009 2015-02-06_010 2015-02-06_011

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