It’s fair to say that most years of wedding photography pass by in a blur, but 2016 was a special case! With just one wedding in the bag, February 3rd saw the arrival of Isobel May Dolby and the next thing I knew it was 2017! Ok, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration but the last year has certainly flown by and has been filled with many (almost) sleepless nights but more importantly extremely happy times!

Becoming a father has also had an impact on my photography, leading me to see parents and their relationships with their children in a new light. I’ve always loved having a job that provides me with such a regular reminder of the joy of my own wedding day and the importance of and strength I draw from my marriage to Rache. Now that stretches to my role as a father and thoughts of one day walking Isobel down the aisle or joining her on the dancefloor. We’re already in practice with regular spins around the living room.

Looking ahead to 2017, which for me starts this weekend with Rachael and Richard’s wedding up in Northumberland I’m really excited to be travelling around the country to join some amazing couples. Equally I’m looking forward to another whirlwind of a year with our little family.

I’d love to know what you think of the images I’ve picked out. Do you have a favourite? Please feel free to comment and share below.

The Isle of Man is a great place to get married. I should know, it’s where Rache is from and we returned there for our own nuptials back in August 2013. We were really pleased with our Isle of Man Wedding Photography and had an amazing day but despite a few of Rache’s friends getting married on the isle since then, I’ve not managed to return to check out another Manx wedding.

That is until this Summer when one of Rache’s oldest friends Kim, got married to the frustratingly good looking Teddy, down on the south of the island.

Kim used to take great pleasure in interrogating me about my intentions towards Rache whenever we were on our own and I took great pleasure in returning the favour when she met Teddy. They make a fantastic couple and it was a real privilege to have a front row seat and watch two great friends of ours finally tie the knot.

Isle of Man Wedding Photography20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-18 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-29 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-50 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-64 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-101 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-109 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-120 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-157 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-215 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-219 Isle of Man Wedding Photography 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-233 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-260 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-283 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-312 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-316 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-328 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-446 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-461 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-490 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-521 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-527 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-546 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-553 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-557 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-592 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-595 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-620 20160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-63220160703-kim-and-teddy-wedding-photography-652

King Williams College provided a fantastic venue for Kim and Teddy’s Isle of Man Wedding. The surrounding area was also a beautiful backdrop for their Isle of Man Wedding Photography. If you are planning a Manx wedding and are looking for an Isle of Man Wedding Photographer please don’t hesitate to get in touch to check availability. 

Grace apologised. She hadn’t had time to complete the pre-wedding questionnaire and other than the ceremony venue, I didn’t really have any information about what lay ahead. Things had been busy for Grace and Mudassar, lots to organise and last minute changes but a quick phone call interrupting what I’m sure was planned to be a quiet night with the girls and I had the info I needed. When I arrived at Barmby Fields, I understood where all the hard work had gone! Custom made popcorn and lemonade stands and a hand written scroll adorning the ceremony room amongst many other touches.

20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-664

All that hard work paid off though and what followed was a beautiful celebration of Grace and Mudassars relationship, including one of the most heartfelt descriptions of what it really takes to build a relationship that can become the solid foundation of a successful marriage. As the sun set and the partying started, I was already looking forward to diving in to the edit of this one!

Barmby Fields Wedding Photography 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-20 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-80 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-86 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-98 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-103 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-123 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-136 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-143 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-154 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-171 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-197 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-205 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-209 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-227 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-430 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-489 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-563 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-611 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-627 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-637 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-653 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-658 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-661 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-675 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-678 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-72220160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-706 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-736 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-74720160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-739 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-753 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-758 20160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-75920160727-Grace and Mudassar-Wedding Photography-663

Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-16

Doris and Paul’s story began London with a chance meeting over drinks with friends which didn’t nearly happen. Their relationship has taken them around the world, including to Doris’s ancestral home in Nigeria for a traditional wedding ceremony last summer. I joined them back in London, at Theobalds Park to capture the final part of their wedding journey as friends and family gathered to celebrate the start of their marriage.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day.

Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-1 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-2 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-3 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-4 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-5 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-6 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-7Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-9Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-8 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-10 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-11 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-12 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-13Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-15 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-14 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-18 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-19 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-20 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-21 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-23Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-22 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-24 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-25 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-26 Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-27Theobalds Park Wedding Photography-17

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