When Jill and Gareth enquired about extending their wedding coverage over two days, I was excited at the opportunity to spend two days in one of my favourite parts of the country. After a quiet intimate ceremony and reception overlooking Ullswater we returned to Jill and Gareth’s home for a humanist ceremony at the village hall culminating in a beautiful sunset and Ceilidh. Here are some of my favourite images:

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-750
20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-22


20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-3720150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-3020150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-57

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-65

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-90

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-91

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-93

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-95

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-108

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-128

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-143

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-150

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-159

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-203

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-210

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-216

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-222

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-274

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-284

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-302

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-325

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-451

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-460

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-470

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-553-Edit

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-566

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-575

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-584

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-593

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-615

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-618

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-629

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-630

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-634

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-636

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-656

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-715-Edit

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-753-Edit

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-755-Edit

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-787

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-791

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-806

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-821

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-824

20150905-Jill and Gareth-Wedding Photography-829

When Kate and Dan told me about their wedding plans, I prepared myself for a fantastic tour of Leeds including one of my favourite bars, The Reliance. What I wasn’t prepared for was the amazing hidden gem that is Thwaites Mill which was transformed in to a wonderful wedding venue filled with lots of DIY touches.

20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-360

One of my favourite ideas was Dan’s beer swap, where he invited guests to bring in their chosen beers, to share and provide and exchange for other brands and flavours. However, with an early start over at the town hall, Dan had to settle for coffee before the ceremony as all the pubs were closed. Here are some of my favourite images.

20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-26 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-58 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-85 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-107 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-109 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-139 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-159 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-163 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-165 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-19420150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-184 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-197 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-211 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-225 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-231 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-250 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-275 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-278 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-279 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-295 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-299 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-327 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-344 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-357 20150808-Kate and Dan-Wedding Photography-375


It’s that time of year when the phone starts ringing with couples looking to book their wedding photographer, and on recent calls I’ve been trying my best to articulate what it is I’m looking to achieve with my photography on your wedding day.

Camera’s are everywhere at weddings. It’s something that has crept in with the proliferation of smart phones and I think it is safe to say that they are here to stay. I’m not writing this post to explore the rights and wrongs of camera’s at wedding’s or the ‘unplugged wedding’ concept. I do my best to embrace guest photography and make sure we all get the images we want at a wedding.

20140816-Jess and Sam-Wedding Photography-158

Nevertheless, I do think that all those cameras have changed what it means to be a wedding photographer.

You will no doubt spend hours on the key decisions that go in to your wedding day; the dress, the suit, the flowers etc, and its important to have pictures of these things. I often have guests alongside me grabbing shots of the cake, the back of the dress or the bouquet. That’s cool, but if guests can just as easily grab these shots then why am I there?

The answer for me is simple. I don’t just want my images to remind you who and what was there on your wedding day. I want you to remember how it felt. 

Remember what your dress looked like:

20150828-Donna and Darryl-Wedding Photography-1

But also remember how it felt to finally be wearing it moments before entering the ceremony:

20150828-Donna and Darryl-Wedding Photography-49

Have a picture with your Granddad:

20140713-Chloe and Gareth-282

But also see how much it means to him, to be with you on your wedding day:

20140713-Chloe and Gareth-266

Remember where you were when you finally signed on the dotted line:

20140816-Jess and Sam-Wedding Photography-164

But don’t forget how it felt to be declared Husband & Wife:

20140816-Jess and Sam-Wedding Photography-137

In the age of the smartphone, for me, that is what wedding photography is all about.

If you’re starting to put together plans for your wedding day, I’d love to help you remember how it will feel when all that hard work pays off. Get in touch


Last December I held my first ever Mark Dolby Photography Christmas Do! Well that’s what I called my Spa day at Wood Hall in Wetherby, to say thank you to Rache for all her support and get us in the festive spirit. It was a reminder of our first yuletide visit when I was eager to impress my then new girlfriend with a stay at a posh hotel before we parted to spend Christmas with our own families. Needless to say I’m a big fan of the place!

20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-441

Alice and Chris’s wedding provided another opportunity to enjoy the Wood Hall hospitality after preparations and the ceremony over in Leeds. Later in the evening we were joined by Jonny Ross and his band to bring the party to a close in style! Here are some of my favourite images.

20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-74 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-83 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-95 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-118 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-127 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-157 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-165 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-187 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-191 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-199 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-207 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-209 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-223 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-226 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-266 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-270 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-273 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-299 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-305 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-311 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-313 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-317 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-40420150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-390 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-41920150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-424 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-454 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-463 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-46820150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-541 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-503 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-508 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-515 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-584 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-595 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-605 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-617 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-628 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-629 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-652 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-654 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-659 20150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-66020150801-Alice and Chris-Wedding Photography-412

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