My 2014 Highlights

December 16, 2014

Paul and Joanne’s wedding feels a long time ago, but it was with them back in March that this year’s wedding photography got underway. Since then I’ve had the privilege to capture the wedding days of many happy couples, share in their memories and capture them for their family and friends.

2014-12-16_001 Thanks, as always, go to my wonderful friends and family for their continued support of the business and especially to Rache who continues to be all the support I could ever wish for personally and professionally.


I’d also like to dedicate this post to Mr May (above), who passed away a few weeks ago, but not before giving away his daughter Liz back in October.

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Esme and James Tipi Wedding

December 10, 2014

It’s taken me all day to create this blog post! First I had to pick out my favourite images. Then, because I’d picked out so many my web host was playing up every time I tried to upload them. Nevertheless, I’m really pleased to be able to share lots images from one of the most colourful weddings of the year, featuring lots of DIY elements and some dinosaurs!!  2014-12-10_055 2014-12-10_056 2014-12-10_057 2014-12-10_058 2014-12-10_059 2014-12-10_060 2014-12-10_061 2014-12-10_062 2014-12-10_063 2014-12-10_064 2014-12-10_065 2014-12-10_066 2014-12-10_067 2014-12-10_068 2014-12-10_069 2014-12-10_070 2014-12-10_071 2014-12-10_072 2014-12-10_073 2014-12-10_074 2014-12-10_075 2014-12-10_076 2014-12-10_077 2014-12-10_078 2014-12-10_079 2014-12-10_080 2014-12-10_081 2014-12-10_082 2014-12-10_083 2014-12-10_084 2014-12-10_085 2014-12-10_086 2014-12-10_087 2014-12-10_088 2014-12-10_089 2014-12-10_090 2014-12-10_091 2014-12-10_092 2014-12-10_093 2014-12-10_094 2014-12-10_095 2014-12-10_096 2014-12-10_097 2014-12-10_098 2014-12-10_099 2014-12-10_100 2014-12-10_101 2014-12-10_102 2014-12-10_103

Harewood House Portraits – Kerry & Liam

December 5, 2014

A couple months ago I had my first ever pre-wedding portrait scheduling emergency, “Harewood House closes for the winter in 10 days and we really want to do our pre-wedding shoot there!” explained Kerry. I didn’t even know they closed for the winter but, as season ticket holders, Kerry and Liam had received the tip off. It is one of their favourite places to go and so with the beautiful autumn palette as our backdrop we headed in to the gardens, just in the nick of time.

Harewood House Photography 2014-12-03_026 2014-12-03_027 2014-12-03_028 2014-12-03_029 2014-12-03_030 2014-12-03_031

Palazzo Parisio Wedding Photography – Jonny & Emma Part Two

December 3, 2014

If you’ve not already seen it, take look at part one of this destination wedding to find out how I ended up in Malta for Jonny and Emma’s elopement. It was a real honour to be involved in their wedding day, as their photographer, as a witness, and just to be on hand to help where I could. Here are my favourite images from their Palazzo Parisio Wedding Photography:

Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography1 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography2 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography3 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography4 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography5 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography6 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography7 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography8 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography9 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography10 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography11 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography12 I researched other Palazzo Parisio Wedding Photography before heading out on my trip so I knew that the venue was going to be impressive. Nevertheless I was still blown away by it when I first walked in! Jonny arrived in in the grand ballroom to see  the venue for the first time only a few minutes before the ceremony. Emma’s first view would come a few minutes later when she walked in, with Jonny at the other end of the room waiting for his bride.


Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography14 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography15 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography16 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography17 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography18 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography19 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography20 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography21 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography22 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography23 Palazzo-Parisio-Wedding-Photography24 I stayed at the same hotel as Jonny and Emma, The George, which made things a lot easier. Malta is a wonderful country and they are quite fond of the British thanks to us kicking out the French not that long ago!

It is definitely somewhere that I’d like to return in the future, for a holiday with Rache, and obviously I’d love the opportunity to return to Palazzo Parisio for more weddings. The venue really is epic and the fact that these guys had it all to themselves made it all the more special. That said I know that the palace is popular for large weddings and I can see why!

If you are thinking of having a destination wedding, perhaps even in Malta then please get in touch. I hope this Palazzo Parisio Wedding Photography has provided some useful inspiration.

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