Wentbridge House Wedding Photography – Tom & Hannah

June 21, 2015

Although people get married throughout the week these days, Saturday remains a firm favourite, no doubt thanks to it’s hangover friendly follow-up, Sunday! However, at our consultation meeting Hannah explained, “My Dad’s a butcher and he refuses to shut the shop on a Saturday!”

20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-331


Luckily, Hannah and Tom found a solution that ensured they could be surrounded by their friends and family (who could get as drunk as they felt they ought to) without hitting the bottom line of the family business. Give thanks for that wonderful institution, the Bank Holiday!

Here are some of my favourite images from Tom and Hannah’s wedding including a church cat called Jess and a wonderful reception at Wentbridge House Hotel.

20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-39 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-41 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-45 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-54 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-59 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-73 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-100 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-103 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-109 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-130 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-144 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-151 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-172 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-175 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-177 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-183 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-188 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-206 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-221 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-228 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-262 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-271 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-275 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-288 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-294 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-300 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-305 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-306 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-309 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-311
20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-333 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-334 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-348 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-353 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-366 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-369 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-372 20150524-Tom and Hannah-Wedding-373

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Inn on the Lake Wedding Photography – Emma and Tom

June 9, 2015

Over Easter I was in the Lakes with Rache and her family. A Cumbrian break is usually pretty gluttonous and with the added vice of Easter eggs I soon found the urge to get some exercise creeping in after a couple of days.

The previous day we’d taken a pretty leisurely stroll up the fell behind the farmhouse and I decided that this would be the perfect place to start my fell running career. The mist was hanging low and I couldn’t see more than about 10 feet ahead but there was a clear path which I ran to the start of before running out of steam and walking (albeit pretty swiftly) to the top. My fell running career… about half a mile long!

As I got near the top of the hill I noticed a change in my surroundings and looked back over my shoulder to see all the mist I’d just climbed through, filling the valley beneath me and the sun blazing down on me. It was an epic view, and a wonderful surprise that made the my sprint (ok stroll) to the top absolutely worth it.

The following weekend I returned to a very different Lake District to join Emma and Tom for their wedding at the Inn on the Lake at Ullswater. As I came over the Kirkstone Pass the rain was lashing down and when I arrived at Emma’s room for the bridal preparations the mist was once again hanging low across the fells.

Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_044

Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_043

Emma and the girls weren’t letting the lashing rain phase them though and as I began to capture the day I thought back to the week before. The sun was still up there somewhere, maybe it’ll make an appearance.

Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_045Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_046 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_047 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_048 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_049 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_050 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_051 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_052 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_053 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_054 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_055 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_056 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_057 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_058 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_059 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_060 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_061 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_062 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_063 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_064 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_065 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_066 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_067 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_068 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_069 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_070 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_071 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_072 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_073 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_074 Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_075Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_077

On one of their earlier visits to the Inn on the Lake, Emma and Tom sat at the end of the pier, looking out over the water and agreed, this is where they should get married. As they returned their for photos on their wedding day they took another moment to sit and enjoy the view and I can only guess they were thinking about what a great decision they made all those months earlier.

Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_076

Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_078

Inn on the lake Ullswater Wedding Photography_079

Leeds Wedding Photographer – City Centre

June 2, 2015

Many couples are drawn to the quiet of the countryside for their weddings. They go in search of quiet open spaces and beautiful views and I love the photographic opportunities that these places provide.

Nevertheless, as a Leeds wedding photographer I’ve shot many weddings in the city centre and it too has its epic locations and opportunities for unique wedding photography.


Leeds Town Hall is the destination for many couples looking for a simple but elegant city centre venue and it is somewhere I’m looking forward to returning to again soon. The building was constructed between 1853 and 1858 and is today used primarily as a register office and venue for events. As well as conferences, gigs and concerts it provided the backdrop for last year’s grand depart of the Tour De France.

Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography10 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography9 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography8 Leeds-Town-Hall-Wedding-Photography18As registry offices go, the Leeds Town Hall is pretty epic!

Of course, the opportunities for Leeds Wedding Photography in the city centre are vast and one of my favourite things to do, weather permitting, is join the bride & groom and their guests on a walk through Leeds to their chosen venue.


I’m looking forward to more Leeds Wedding Photography in 2015 and if you are thinking about getting married in Leeds, please do get in touch.¬†


Peak District Wedding Photography – Kate & Gaz at Upperhouse

May 13, 2015

One of my favourite things about wedding phototgraphy is parachuting in to the centre of a family and being given the privilege of seeing them on one of their happiest days.

Today though, I’m not just parachuting in. Today I get to shoot my sister-in-law Kate as she marries Gaz. I get to see my wife looking beautiful as chief bridesmaid and get to be part of a fantastic family weekend. Thanks to my friend Ryan coming along to shoot the day with me, I even get to put the camera down from time to time to eat, drink and hit the dancefloor!

My highlight of the weekend came the next day as we watched a slideshow I had put together to share with the family. Usually I simply send off a link or a disc to my clients and can only hope that they pull family close, grab a drink and share together.

As the lights came up at the end of the slideshow, there were tears and smiles and I knew we’d captured images that would be treasured. I knew, not only from their reactions, but because I was there and I’ll treasure them too.

Derbyshire Wedding Photography 41

Derbyshire Wedding Photography 40 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 39 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 38 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 37 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 36 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 35 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 34 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 33 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 32 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 31 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 30 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 29 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 28 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 27 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 26 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 25 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 24 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 23 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 22 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 21 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 20 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 19 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 18 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 17 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 16 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 15 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 14 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 13 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 12 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 11 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 10 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 9 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 8 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 7 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 6 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 5 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 4 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 3 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 2 Derbyshire Wedding Photography 1

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