As Hannah and Mark sat down with their guests, I took a break and had a quick look at Facebook. It turns out I wasn’t the only one doing Pocklington Wedding Photography that day and I enjoyed reading the story of how some guests had got on the wrong bus back at the Kilnwick Percy Resort. I found out later that it was indeed some of Hannah’s friends who had nearly become wedding crashers but luckily they made it for what was a fantastic day.

With everyone getting ready close-by I was able to capture both Hannah and Mark’s prep and enjoyed bouncing between the lodges throughout the morning. Once we were all ready it was over to Barmbyfields barns for the ceremony and a fantastic party to celebrate.

One of the big challenges at any venue is getting everyone together for a large groupshot. This is made all the more easy when I can get a little height, perhaps by shooting from a first floor window. Options seemed thin at Barmbyfields until I heard the immortal words “I’ll get my cherry picker” and before I knew I was two stories up trying to keep my cool as I looked down on all the guests.

Here are some of my favourite images from the day.


If you are in need of Pocklington wedding photography, at Barnbyfields Barns or one of the other fantastic venues nearby please feel free to get in touch to discuss your day. If you’d like to see another Barmbyfields wedding then check out Grace and Mudassar’s highlights. 

I’m always happy when I get the call about Roundhay Park Wedding Photography. The Mansion in the park is a fantastic venue and the surrounding parkland makes for a beautiful backdrop. One of the biggest challenges is creating images which aren’t littered with all the other people at the park.

Sameera and Afiq could of picked many locations for their wedding. The couple were joined by guests from Edinburgh, where Sameera studied. Afiq brought a handful of friends and family over from Australia, the place that the happy couple will be calling home after their honeymoon. In recent years the pair have notched up some serious airmiles on their journey’s between hemispheres. I know they are both excited to be settling down on the same continent at last.

Roundhay Park Wedding Photography

I got a bit of a taste of what it must be like trying to arrange a wedding across continents as we fumbled our way through various Skype and phone calls in the run up to the wedding. However, all the hard work paid off and the day provided a fantastic celebration across two ceremonies and a wonderful meal.

The day brought together elements from Sameera and Afiq’s Muslim faith and Afiq’s ancestral home of Malaysia. Quirkiest of these, for me, was the handing out of boiled eggs at the end of the celebrations as a sign of good luck and fertility!

Here are some of my favourite images from Sameera and Afiq’s Roundhay Park Wedding Photography.

Your Roundhay Park Wedding Photography

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Every once in a while, a bride sends you details of their chosen wedding venue and you can’t help but get excited. Whether it’s open countryside or beautiful architecture, one of the things that makes the job of a wedding photographer that little bit easier is a stunning venue. So it was with Georgie and Michael’s The Arches Halifax wedding photography last month.

The day began at Shibden Mill Inn where Georgie and her bridesmaids were enjoying relaxing preparations owing to the couples decision for a later than usual ceremony at 4pm. Despite the late start, the guys still managed to pack in a whole lot of fun, emotion and partying with the help of friends and family to provide musical accompaniment, including a specially written and performed song by Dunc, Georgie’s dad.

Georgie is an events manager at the University of Bradford and admitted that, at times, pulling together her big day didn’t feel too different to a day in the office. Nevertheless, she had the guys from Mode For events on hand to take the reigns and ensure that she could concentrate on her day as the bride.

During our initial conversations, Georgie warned me that Michael was not looking forward to having the camera or the attention of all those friends and family trained on him for the day. I reassured her that I like to melt in to the background as much as possible, which is more than can be said for Michael, who rose to the occasion with aplomb, including a killer speech.

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York Maze Wedding Photography! Who knew such a wonderful wedding venue existed alongside a huge adventure playground and one of York’s favourite seasonal attractions.

The maze itself is still growing and while it does, York Maze opens its doors to couples who want to celebrate their wedding in style at the venues converted barns.

The whole day had a really relaxed feel and Jenny and Ben did a fantastic job decorating the venue, subtly bringing in a dinosaur theme.

York Maze wedding photography is a breeze thanks to the fantastic range of locations across the site that provided lots of inspiration. It took me a little while to understand that Ben wanted photos on the pillow rather than some random pillar but once I saw the inflatable fun times were had by all bouncers!

Jenny and Ben wanted a relaxed day surrounded by friends and family and that’s just what they got. As the sun shone, they pushed backed the main meal while enjoying the canapés and the fantastic weather. Later in the night the barn was filled with live music and dancing as the sun set over the site.

If you are interested in York Maze wedding photography then you should know that the venue is only available for weddings for a short period each year, before throwing open its doors for the main attraction over the summer but if you are looking for a venue in the area I’d highly recommend you check it out.

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