Heaton Mount Bradford – Aisha and Jassem

September 13, 2014

Your University is perhaps not the first place you’d think of as the venue for your wedding – a ceremony in the lecture theatre before your guests stick to the floor in the SU bar?

However, University of Bradford alum can take advantage of their beautiful management campus, where a stunning coach house  sits in impressive gardens. To add a special touch for their wedding, Jassem and Aisha even brought in a tipi, tucked away on one of the rear lawns in order to bring their musical festival themed wedding to life.

Here are some of my favourite images:

Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-1 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-2 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-3 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-4 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-5 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-6 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-7 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-8 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-9 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-10 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-11 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-12 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-13 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-14 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-15 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-16 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-17 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-18 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-19 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-20 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-21 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-22 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-23 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-24

Siobhan and Ian Portraits

August 1, 2014

As villages go, East Keswick is pretty small but that didn’t stop Siobhan, Ian and myself discovering some great locations on their recent pre-wedding shoot. I’m looking forward to returning in September for their wedding day.

2014-08-01_001 2014-08-01_002 2014-08-01_003 2014-08-01_004 2014-08-01_005 2014-08-01_006 2014-08-01_007 2014-08-01_008

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