Papakata Wedding Photography – Claire and Clive

October 22, 2014

Has it really been a month since my last post? I’ve got some great stuff to show you over the next few months as I come down from the craziness of the summer and a busy period of wedding fairs.

Today was spent running a photography workshop at the primary school where Rache teaches. I left feeling exhausted and with a new level of appreciation for what she, and all teachers, actually do! Wow!

Claire and Clive got married back in August in Newark. The first thing I did after they booked was call my parents and book a bed for the night as they don’t live too far away. This mean’t a much shorter journey on the morning of the wedding when I arrived nice and early to see the awesomely decked out tipi.

This was a very local affair. So local that, after the ceremony, Claire and Clive led their guests on a walk back to the reception at Claire’s parents house, where  great party ensued.

Nottingham Wedding Photography Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham53 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham54 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham55 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham56 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham57 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham58 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham59 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham60 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham61 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham62 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham63 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham64 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham65 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham66 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham67 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham68 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham69 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham70 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham71 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham72 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham73 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham74 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham75 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham76 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham77 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham78 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham79 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham80 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham81 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham82 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham83 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham84 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham85 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham86 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham87 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham88 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham89 Papakata-Tipi-Wedding-Photography-Nottingham90



Esme and James Portraits

September 22, 2014

It’s that time of year when, like most wedding photographers, I’ve got a huge backlog of great weddings and portrait sessions to share with you on the blog. I’m sure I’ll catch up in the coming weeks, but I was really keen to make sure I got this one published ahead of what I’m sure will be a fantastic wedding day on Saturday.

As the sun set on a late summer’s evening I met up with Esme and James at Surprise View, near Otley Chevin. Here’s what we created:

2014-09-22_001 2014-09-22_002 2014-09-22_003 2014-09-22_004 2014-09-22_005 2014-09-22_006


September 18, 2014

Jon and Richard had a flick through the albums on my stand before asking if I was free on August 10th 2014. The date rang a bell, my friend Ryan’s birthday… My wedding Anniversary!! I explained that I was free and that I thought they’d picked a great day to get married!

On the way home from the wedding fayre I started thinking about how I was going to make up for working on our first wedding anniversary, and a few weeks later when Jon and Richard confirmed the booking, I put my plan in to action.

So, on the morning of August 11th, with Jon and Richard’s wedding wrapped and backed up, we headed to Leeds Bradford Airport for four fantastic days in Barcelona.

2014-09-18_001 2014-09-18_002 2014-09-18_003 2014-09-18_004 2014-09-18_005 2014-09-18_006 2014-09-18_007 2014-09-18_008 2014-09-18_009 2014-09-18_010 2014-09-18_011 2014-09-18_012 2014-09-18_013 2014-09-18_014 2014-09-18_015 2014-09-18_016 2014-09-18_017

I love taking pictures on my holidays but in recent years have been keen to avoid lugging a large DSLR around with me. At a trade show last year, I stumbled across a fantastic deal on a Fuji X20. It’s a compact camera with a fairly large sensor, great reviews and the ability to shoot RAW.


This was perfect for what I needed and along with my iPhone provides the perfect lightweight camera gear for a trip away. The camera has recently been updated with the X30 and I’d highly recommend it and the other cameras in the X series.



Heaton Mount Bradford – Aisha and Jassem

September 13, 2014

Your University is perhaps not the first place you’d think of as the venue for your wedding – a ceremony in the lecture theatre before your guests stick to the floor in the SU bar?

However, University of Bradford alum can take advantage of their beautiful management campus, where a stunning coach house  sits in impressive gardens. To add a special touch for their wedding, Jassem and Aisha even brought in a tipi, tucked away on one of the rear lawns in order to bring their musical festival themed wedding to life.

Here are some of my favourite images:

Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-1 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-2 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-3 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-4 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-5 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-6 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-7 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-8 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-9 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-10 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-11 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-12 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-13 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-14 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-15 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-16 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-17 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-18 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-19 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-20 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-21 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-22 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-23 Heaton-Mount-Bradford-Wedding-Photography-24

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