Jon and Richard had a flick through the albums on my stand before asking if I was free on August 10th 2014. The date rang a bell, my friend Ryan’s birthday… My wedding Anniversary!! I explained that I was free and that I thought they’d picked a great day to get married!

On the way home from the wedding fayre I started thinking about how I was going to make up for working on our first wedding anniversary, and a few weeks later when Jon and Richard confirmed the booking, I put my plan in to action.

So, on the morning of August 11th, with Jon and Richard’s wedding wrapped and backed up, we headed to Leeds Bradford Airport for four fantastic days in Barcelona.

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I love taking pictures on my holidays but in recent years have been keen to avoid lugging a large DSLR around with me. At a trade show last year, I stumbled across a fantastic deal on a Fuji X20. It’s a compact camera with a fairly large sensor, great reviews and the ability to shoot RAW.


This was perfect for what I needed and along with my iPhone provides the perfect lightweight camera gear for a trip away. The camera has recently been updated with the X30 and I’d highly recommend it and the other cameras in the X series.



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