Meeting Milo

October 17, 2012

It didn’t feel like two minutes since the wedding, when my sister (also called Rachel, in similar to my beloved) and her husband announced they were having a baby. In fact it had been over a year. The time had flown and the news was  another sign that my ‘little sister’ really wasn’t that little anymore!

Fast forward eight months and she really wasn’t little anymore. I’ll never forget the feeling when the baby kicked, it’s little knee jumping in to my hand, immediately changing bump to baby in my minds eye. A few weeks later and I was doing all I could to support my sister through the final phase of labour by sending her sarcastic text messages via my mum, who was with her and her husband Gavin for the delivery.

Milo Noah Newton (we’ll forgive my mother the typo in the text message) arrived last Thursday and just a couple of days later Rache (Fiancé not sister) and I headed down to meet him.


At this point I realised that I would make a terrible baby photographer because, to be quite honest, I’d much rather be cuddling my subject than taking pictures of him. Nevertheless, I did put him down long enough to grab a few images.

Me and Milo

I’ve held little babies before but there was something very different about meeting Milo. He is the first of the next generation in our family, my first Nephew. It feels fantastic to know I’ve got a stake in his life and a little bit of responsibility towards him. I’m filled with pride when I see Gavin and my sister with Milo in the wonderful home they’ve created and when my mum describes the delivery (in a little more detail then any brother should be subjected to) she to is so proud of my sister’s strength and determination. She’s a natural mum and as a former nursery nurse obviously finds looking after a single baby pretty straight forward. Gavin couldn’t have a better teacher and is catching up fast! He knows more about ins (breast milk) and outs (poo!) for a new born baby than I thought possible!

Milo and Mum

Dad and Milo

If the arrival of one baby wasn’t enough, a few days later news came from the Isle of Man that (Fiancé) Rache’s sister-in-law Ali had given birth to Rache’s first Niece, Danielle. We can’t wait to get over there and meet her.




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